We left Psari in the afternoon. Not before having thanked our hosts several times during the last dinner. All bills for the previous meals had been paid by our Greek friends – any contradiction had been pointless. This time we forestalled them and paid secretly during the dessert. When Giannis recognized this, he grinned and said: ‘This is the Greek way’.

I had rarely met such friendly, helpful and hospitable people like our new Greek friends. Their attitude towards us made a journey, begun against a very serious background and pervaded by a moral burden on both sides, to an unforgettable experience. Our friendship got stronger again during those days. Actually it is unnecesary to mention that we will get back to Psari as soon as possible. Or that the Greeks invade us for a change.

I’d like to fully recommend Psari as a destination for a short trip or a longer stay. The ‘Paths Of Culture – Psari’, an overwhelming landscape, courteous people, historic places are just some examples for this worthwhile destination.

Giannis Skourtis PsariI’d also like to mention the tireless work Giannis is doing for his hometown such as the care for his excellent website psarikorinthias.gr, the construction of a wonderful chapel in the village, his work as the town’s chronicler, or his promotion of the local tourism. There is much more to enumerate what he’s doing on his own or in cooperation with Elsa Stamatopoulou.

I’d like to thank the whole family Skourtis, Elsa and Sophia Stamatopoulou as well as Bruce Robbins for his witty and smart company, helpful translating, and last but not least for his inimitable sense of humour.

This blog’s name is inspired by Elsa. When asked for my emotions regarding our encounter I could hardly describe. So she suggested the term of ‘Katharsis’ (cleansing). The term is defined as a mental cleaning at the end of terror and sorrow in the ancient Greek tragedy.

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