Now I had at least a place: Psari / Peloponnes.

The research for Psari on the web got difficult. ‘Psari’ means ‘fish’ in Greek, so my first results consisted of all kinds of delicous fish recipes and a lot of travelling tips to the wonderful Hellenic coasts. Further tries led to different towns in Greece called Psari.

After attempting some more combinations of search terms it was clear, that ‘my’ Psari could only be Psari / Stymfalia, 30 kilometres south from Corinthia.
Indeed there existed an extensive website about this town:

Psari Korinth Peloponnes Griechenland

My heart beat faster when I discovered a detailed report about the fights of the Greek partisan army ELAS against Wehrmacht soldiers. All given data reflected exactly the results of my previous investigation.

As the responsible person for the site a Giannis Skourtis was mentioned.

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